Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cruz Vincent Geoffrey

We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of our newest addition, baby Cruz.. He arrived June 28th at 7:58 am and weightd 7 lb 9 oz. He is a dream of a baby. Life is busy but we are thriving! More to come hopefully soon!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tatum Turns Five!

Here is the long-awaited Fairy Cake for Tatum, the girls were begging to help me decorate it but it was a 4 and 1/2 hour tedious job, I did most of it sitting down!
Tatum just glowing in anticipation of her guests arriving, and drooling over the ketchup chips!
The guests! It wouldn't be such a fun party without them!!!!
Tatum and her little buddy Snow White, oh I mean Leah! 
Uncle Mark and Auntie Linda showing how fun they are to my niece and nephew Luke and Juliana.
Big, strong Uncle Mark was a bit of an attraction with all the kids! We had 14 kids over and their mommies and daddies...
Tatum about to officially blow out her candles. She was bursting on the inside!
The cutting of the cake! Thanks Rachel for the yummy recipes! Both the vanilla and chocolate cake were delicious! YES I had two pieces, I am pregnant you know!!!
Daddy helped Tatum open her presents and she didn't get overwhelmed this time, it was a great solution to the usual chaos involved in this part of the party.. she was spoiled rotten with all sorts of fun presents!
A favorite gift! Jasmine!
Roman and older cousin Luke, looking more like brothers than cousins!

March Fun

Here our three kiddies are cozied up by the fire enjoying a quiet evening and a family cuddle.
The girls enjoying the melting snow outside.
The weather was actually warm this day despite the snow!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! We celebrated with a wishful pina colada smoothie, we can't wait for the sun around here... they say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but we have mostly had a roaring lion, no small bleating lambs....yet.......

Monday, March 7, 2011

Girls NIte Out

The husbands were out of town for an overnight men's retreat so some of us wives decided to have a fun sleepover! Here are the kids in the morning all eating their cereal. Well Melanie's kids who are teens did not opt to stay home for the far earlier than usual wake up they would have had this particular Saturday morning! 
Here is my beloved Kristy, donning her fashionable and indispensable husband top for sleeping in, and her hair is always awe inspiring in the morning! You will notice her selection of chocolate truffle cake and orange cream cake for her after breakfast craving!!!! We really enjoyed our sweets!
Here is Melanie looking her perky self! She hosted us graciously and is far more used to staying up late than Kristy and I are thus her perkiness! We enjoyed a paraffin wax soak for our hands and feet, cleaning up our wedding rings, eating lots of sugar and discussing things like our varicose veins, and cellulite.. a lovely time was had by all.. Oh by the way, I love having the only camera so I can be behind the lens and not in any morning pictures!!!!

Mountain Fun

Our stop on the way home at the Candy Store brought many sticky smiles to our kids, can you believe they begged for the bigger size lolly pop? Yeah right...
Roman tackling his gigantic orange lollypop
Chloe being so contrastingly neat and tidy with hers, she soon decided that Roman looked like he was enjoying his more so she proceeded to smear hers all over face and was more satisfied then...
Tatum is fervently sucking on her smarties one by one
Getting ready to load up into the van!
Our rental van for the trip, Chloe was the mom, Joel the dad and Tatum, Roman and I were the kids.. Joel had to comment that he had a pregnant teenage daughter, nice honey....
The kids made it to the top of the world!
Daddy putting his life in his hands trying to climb the mountain himself.. I tried too but I have NO abs left and couldn't make it.. pathetic I know!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

February has come and nearly gone ... already!!!

 I went out of my comfort zone and sewed some dolly nighties without a pattern to match the girls nighties that I had sewn this fall, craftiness is not my thing generally. But the girls were thrilled to get their dollies matching them!
 Frosty did not come to life but you should have seen the kids all dancing around him and singing the song! The kids on the left are the kids best friends. Roman was napping, but he loved seeing Frosty when he woke up!
 Speaking of Roman, he turned three this month, sharing a birthday with his Grandma Jean, who did not turn three! Here is his stegosaurus cake!
 A trip to the prairies for Family day had the kids traveling down snow banks on some sleds with Uncle Vern and Duke who Roman always mixes up with Salty, my parents dog. It was stinking freezing!!
 Here is Roman and his new bike we got him for his birthday! Red, just like his daddy's first bike
 Here are King Roman and Princess Ellianea, or however Tatum wanted to spell that name she made up for her regal self, they even made me bow down with my forehead to the ground! Roman insisted that I do it his way! Since he is the king what is a mother to do?
Chloe was reading her Bible story book today, slightly too close to the page, but I guess when you are starting out you need to keep track of where you are visually more closely... She is loving homeschooling and actually talks with 'pity' about those poor kids who have to spend all day at school when she is done in two hours most days! Hilarious... no offense to all you regular school people!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome to the Third Edition

I seem to be having trouble accessing my Turners Unplugged Too site so let's just let bygones be bygones. I did just make my first post in over a year to the Turners Unplugged site so feel free to have a look at that one if you like. I will start by posting the January stuff from our life...

Joel celebrated his 36th birthday in January! The girls made him a tiny fondant covered cake with Chloe's new cake maker. It was a nice night, we had Dwilah over and ate yummy food on the new hot rock, delish!

I also celebrated my birthday on the 22nd amidst a nasty cold, but Joel and I went out for dinner anyway, it was pretty good despite how I felt. So now I am 37 and the impending decade change is looming over me with greater ferocity than ever... though I hear that its not that bad from some dear friends and family.

Not sure if you all are aware, but if not, we are expecting baby number 4 July 4th. We are not finding out the gender in case you are wondering! Here is a photo of the bump taken late January...
We need to move into February next time I blog so stay tuned!!! I hope to have some more photos up soon.